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CNC Programmer

Job Title: CNC Programmer

Salary: $30-$35/hr.

The Albert C. Wiltshire Employment Center recruits qualified candidates for positions within the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a 300-acre industrial park housing over 400+ businesses within the manufacturing, food, media, technology, and creative fields.
A Brooklyn Navy Yard-based custom fabrication shop is seeking a full-time temporary CNC Programmer. The CNC Programmer is responsible for three key areas:
  • 1. Programming and Operating
  • 2. Department Production
  • 3. Systems and Safety
The CNC Programmer is an avid and experienced programmer and operator in the company’s CNC Department. This position is devoted to keeping their assigned tasks and project elements within budget and up to the company’s quality standards. The CNC Programmer receives technical drawings and cut files and establishes task priorities according to the production schedule and department goals. They collaborate with other department members to safely and efficiently complete the scope of work assigned to them. A CNC Programmer with this company is always solution-oriented and knows how to communicate and troubleshoot any unforeseen situations in the Production process.
The Programmer is a role model of the Fabrication Department demonstrating their best craftsmanship and work ethic. Below is a more detailed description of this work:
1. Programming and Operating
  • Receives, reviews and builds from technical drawings & reports back to the Lead Programmer and/or Department Manager with questions, comments, concerns
  • Manages, tracks and plans his/her tasks according to the production schedule
  • Masters all CNC shop operations on machines, equipment, and electric and pneumatic tools
  • Gathers and tracks all required tools, equipment, and hardware for the projects
  • Exhibits strong knowledge of Wood-, metal-, plastic-based engineered sheet goods in addition to router bits
  • Proficient in CNC operating, programming, nesting, scaling, tooling, modifying cut files in CAD, and joining techniques
  • Proficient in CNC machines mechanicals, troubleshooting, maintenance and repairs
  • Trains on all CNC Department machines, equipment and tools
  • Performs at a high level of craftsmanship, strong work ethic, and resourcefulness
  • Demonstrates keen attention to detail and thoroughness
  • Consults with CNC Department Manager, Lead Programmer and/or draftsperson on engineering and best build practices
  • Forecasts and communicates completion timelines of build elements for a given project(s).
  • Ensures the cut list is complete and up to company Standards before passing off to next step in the production
2. Department Operations
  • Observes and demonstrates safe and efficient Programming and operating practices throughout the CNC Department
  • Maintains a clean and orderly workspace and desk
  • Assists the daily operations of the CNC team’s assigned tasks and space
  • Operates at a high level of professionalism, reliability, punctuality, and awareness
  • Embodies the company’s core values in and out of the shop
  • Responsible for tracking and clocking in/ou to POs when starting/completing tasks for each project
  • Collaborates in the upkeep of all department-specific tools, machines and consumables
  • Maintains knowledge of the assigned projects’ deliverables, including appropriate assembly and finishing methods
  • Leads by example in fostering a positive, solution-oriented teamwork environment
  • Regularly reviews hits/misses of projects with fabricators and provides constructive feedback and direction regarding their assigned tasks
3. Systems and Safety
  • Conducts clear, productive and professional communications through the Department
  • Submits requests for project-specific material, tools and/or hardware through the Department Manager
  • Collaborates with team members in replenishing Department consumables and tool maintenance
  • Assists in introducing all new hires to CNC safety standards, systems, and protocols
  • Maintains a clean, orderly, and safe work environment in all machining, assembly and tech-up spaces
  • Regularly inspects all tools, tool paths, assembly areas, tech-up spaces, access paths, and egress routes for clear and safe use
  • Regularly reviews inventory and department set-up to consolidate a nd improve the layout of assembly and tech-up spaces, as well as storage of tools, hardware, consumables and materials to maximize productivity and safety
  • Maintains a safe, healthy, and judgment-free working environment
  • GED/HS diploma
  • 2-5 years of programming experience
  • Minimum of 1 year working with wood, plastic, and metal
  • Must punctual and consistent
  • Ability to work alone without much assistance
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