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JMFW Print

MWBE- certified full-service printing and graphic design studio, where innovation meets precision.  With a commitment to excellence, we specialize in a comprehensive range of printing services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our client.  Large format printing, digital printing,…

María Elena González Studio

Internationally recognized, González weaves the conceptual with a dedication to craft in her complex installations and poetic arrangements, exploring themes of identity, memory, and dislocation. She responds to the moment, the world around her and her inner emotions.

Cohesive Robotics

Cohesive Robotics modernizes your shop’s material removal and surface finishing operations through our turnkey smart robot workcells. With no programming required, the same system can handle high-mix production for sanding, grinding, polishing and more!

Mattison Milworks

Mattison Milworks is a fabrication Studio that excels in architectural millwork, crafting Passive House windows and doors with design-assist contracting, innovative material research, and expert construction methods.


New York Art Conservation is a women-owned, highly specialized conservation studio that works with modern and contemporary paintings, sculptures, and objects.

Karen Schifano Art

Karen Schifano, a New York City-based painter with a BA in Art History and an MFA from Hunter College, exhibits internationally. Elected to American Abstract Artists in 2018, her work captivates diverse audiences.

Zeph Colombatto Photography

Based in New York, photographer Zeph Colombatto specializes in architectural, interior, fashion, and design photography, seamlessly blending the organic and contemporary, resulting in a distinctive aesthetic that is uniquely his own.

Asa Pingree

This Brooklyn-based furniture designer, seamlessly blends structural integrity, movement, and comfort in creating sculptural furniture that effortlessly complements any setting. With a keen eye for harmonizing swooping lines and contemporary angles, Asa’s designs unveil silhouettes that exude both natural elegance…

Turnstile Tours

Turnstile Tours conducts ongoing public tour programs and research in collaboration with nonprofits, and are dedicated to enhancing public knowledge about the essence of places, promoting connections among people of diverse backgrounds, and fostering a culture of community participation.