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Training Opportunities

Training Opportunities

CNC Operator Training Program (2024)

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What is CNC machining?
Machining is critical to a wide range of manufacturing industries. Machining is the process whereby pieces of a material, such as metal, wood, or plastic, are cut into shapes that form parts, tools, and instruments. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines automate the control, movement, and speed of machine tools by using preprogrammed computer software. As a result, CNC machines produce parts with a higher precision, causing less production waste, and leading to a much safer manufacturing process than manual machines. CNC machines are suitable to produce custom machined parts for various industries, such as medical, automotive, electronics and industrial. Chances are your furniture, your phone case, or the pedals on your bike were made using CNC machines.

CNC Operator Training Program
To meet the demand for high-skilled labor within our local workforce, we are providing both local jobseekers and incumbent workers on the Brooklyn Navy Yard with free skill training in CNC Machining. By providing Saturday training sessions from a CNC professional and leveraging a Yard-based CNC facility, the free CNC Operator training program enables participants to develop a skillset that meets a growing demand in manufacturing without having to take time off from work or enrolling in expensive training programs.

The training program is divided into Beginner (10 weeks) and Intermediate (6 weeks) sessions and provides hands-on instruction on costly CNC equipment and tools. Participants will work with CNC mills and lathes, in addition to a variety of hand tools and manufacturing software, and can obtain up to 4 certificates from the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) and 2 certificates from Haas:


  • Measurements, Materials, and Safety (NIMS)
  • Job Planning, Benchwork, and Layout (NIMS)
  • Lathe Programming, Setup, and Operations (NIMS)
  • CNC Lathe Operations (Haas)
  • Mill Programming, Setup, and Operations (NIMS)
  • CNC Mill Operations (Haas)

The CNC Operator training program is an entry-level course and is therefore open to anyone, regardless of skill-level or experience in manufacturing. However, we do expect applicants to develop a baseline understanding of what CNC machining is and how they can leverage CNC skills to achieve their personal career goals and objectives, prior to applying. Additionally, in order to be successful in obtaining the abovementioned certifications, training program participants are expected to attend every training session.


  • Applications open Summer 2024
  • After submitting an application, those interested in joining the program will be invited for an interview by the selection committee.
  • After the interview, applicants are notified about the outcome of their application.


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