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February 23 – May 12, 2024
Yard Work Gallery at Building 92
Hours: Open Daily, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Featuring more than forty photographs taken by Yard-based photographer JC Cancedda, IN MOTION calls attention to the importance of handcraftsmanship to manufacturing, design, and industrial production. Moving throughout the gallery, visitors are invited to take a moment to appreciate the intentional, focused, and highly skilled work unfolding in the photographs and to consider how ideas flow through the hand in ways that marry artistry and craftsmanship.

Taken between May and December 2023, the photographs provide a small snapshot of the 11,000+ workers that call the Brooklyn Navy Yard home. The photographs represent the diversity of industries at the Yard as well as helping to reveal some of the materials, tools, and machines that drive contemporary industrial innovation.

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Brooklyn Navy Yard: Past, Present & Future

Building 92
Historic Marine Commandant’s Residence
Hours: Thursdays – Sundays, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
For tour schedule, click here.

Brooklyn Navy Yard: Past, Present, and Future is a permanent exhibition at Building 92 that tells the story of the Brooklyn Navy Yard from 1801, when it was founded as one of the nation’s first federal shipyards, through to the site’s use today as an active industrial and innovation hub home to nearly 500 businesses. The exhibition is located across three floors inside the former residence of the Marine Commandant, an adaptively reused building that was originally constructed in 1858. Inside the exhibition, visitors will get an extensive history of the site through detailed wall text and a variety of artifacts and objects that span across centuries.

The exhibition is the first exhibition to tell the Yard’s story and was originally installed in 2011 with great community support from both organizations and neighborhood residents alike. Ultimately, the exhibition aims to introduce contemporary audiences to the generations of people who worked, transformed, lived, and shaped the Yard over time, and who continue to build upon the storied history of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Atmosphere for Invention: Public Art in Buildings 77 & 92

Inside Buildings 77 and 92.
For location and hours, click here.

The Brooklyn Navy Yard has initiated a public art program for artists seeking to create site-specific installations in public spaces. With the cultural sector among the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, the initiative serves to economically uplift members of the Yard’s creative community while also providing the Wallabout Bay community with art activations to enjoy around the site.

Each of the works on view use elements of color, texture, and light to establish a dialogue with the history of the site as well as its evolving ecosystem of people, labor, and infrastructure. Together, the works capture the innovative spirit of the Yard and its forward-looking future.

Tatiana Arocha, “Yard Herbarium” (2020), Building 77
Beth Campbell, “Powder Coated Steel Rod and Wire” (2020), Building 77
JC Cancedda, “Bless Your Soul” (2020), Building 77
Lindsay Walt, “A Touch of Color” (2020), Building 77
Monique Luchetti, “Magnolia IV” (2020), Building 77
Noël Copeland, “Blue Mountain” (2020), Building 77
Noël Copeland, “Blue Mountain” (2020), Building 77
Jackie Meier, “The Rolling Tide” (2020), Building 77
Tracy Wuischpard, “Elegy” (2020), Building 92
Katie Merz, “BNY: Decoded” (2019), Building 77
Jason Krugman, “Basket (Prototype I)” (2019), Building 77

A Moment Materialized (November 12, 2020 - November 12, 2023)

Available Online.

This online exhibition is designed to provide a glimpse into this unique moment, a moment shaped by a global health pandemic, a national call for greater racial and social justice, and a very local and personalized response to living and working in this “COVID era.”

This exhibition is designed to showcase new work created during “this moment” (early 2020 to the present) through the eyes of artists living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Work addresses a variety of themes and narratives, including but not limited to health, isolation, fear, racial justice, economic disparities, hope for the future, adaptive response, and working in a new reality.

Work selected illuminates how creative practices have been affected by COVID-19 as well as capturing through materials what stats and quantitative data alone cannot. In short, the exhibition aims to visually capture a feeling, a sensation, a response to this unprecedented time through the eyes of working artists in Brooklyn, New York.

"A Presence of Absence" (2020), Mariano Del Rosario
"Wishing Well" (2020), Hannah Antalek
"Bitter Time" (2020), John King
"Nasturtium" (2020), Nick Golebiewski

PAST INSTALLATION: Atmosphere for Invention: Art & Object Walk on Flushing Avenue

Flushing Avenue from Building 77 down to Wegmans
(Vanderbilt Avenue to Elliot Place, opposite Commodore Barry Park)

Home to innovators, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and artists, the Yard has been an atmosphere of invention since its founding as a shipyard in 1801. Today, the Yard is home to more than 500 businesses in fields as diverse as art and design to technology and biomedical sciences. This nearly half-mile installation celebrates those businesses and the incredible contributions they make to Brooklyn.
The walk is free and accessible along Flushing Avenue via sidewalk and the Brooklyn Greenway bike path. Explore our public art programming here.

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