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Current Developments + Master Plan

Development Opportunities

The Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation is currently welcoming creative proposals to develop a unique, 2.75-acre waterfront site for clean energy use or the production of technology to address climate change.


The Yard’s master plan lays out an ambitious vision for growth well beyond its current expansion. The master plan represents a $2.5 billion investment that would bring the total number of jobs at the Yard to 30,000. To achieve this growth, the plan comprises the development of 5.1 million square feet of vertical manufacturing space, unlike any in the country, further solidifying the Yard’s role as a national urban model for sustainable middle-class job creation. At the same time, the master plan outlines a series of open space and connectivity improvements aimed at integrating the 300-acre Yard with its surrounding neighborhoods, while improving operations for its manufacturing users.

Rendering courtesy of WXY Studio

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