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Corporate Documents

In cooperation with the New York State Authorities Budget Office’s commitment to the principles of public disclosure and transparency reporting of public authority financial and management information, BNYDC makes available the information below and on other BNYDC website pages including Mission, Development at the Yard, Meet our Executives, and Board of Directors.

Corporate Documents

BNYDC Accessibility Statement
BNYDC Organizational Chart
BNYDC Procurement Officer
Real Property Statement
IRS Form 990
Transportation Demand Management
Performance Measurement Report FY22
Independent Auditor’s report on Internal Controls over Financial Reporting 2022
Independent Auditor’s Report on Internal Controls over Financial Reporting 2021

Financial Statements

BNYDC Financial Statement | 06.30.2023
BNYDC Financial Statement | 06.30.2022
BNYDC Financial Statement | 06.30.2021
BNYDC Financial Statement | 06.30.2020
BNYDC Financial Statement | 06.30.2019

Policy Documents

Articles of Incorporation
BNYDC Board Committees
Conflict of Interest Policy
Whistleblower Policy
Code of Ethics
Investment Policy
Procurement Policy
Real Property Disposition Acquisition Policy
Personal Property Disposition Policy

Internal Control Assessment Documents

Internal Control Assessment FY2022
Internal Control Assessment FY2021
Internal Control Assessment FY2020
Internal Control Assessment FY2019

Paris Annual Reports

Annual Report 2021
Annual Report 2020
Annual Report 2019

Budget Report 2022
Budget Report 2021
Budget Report 2020

Investment Report 2022
Investment Report 2021

Procurement Report 2022
Procurement Report 2021
Procurement Report 2020
Procurement Report 2019

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