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School + Teacher Programs

School Programs at the Yard promote curiosity, skill-building, and knowledge about innovation, industry, and manufacturing for students of all ages. Emphasis is placed on illustrating connections between human ingenuity, materials, and tools- as well as providing students with opportunities to see how products, goods, objects, and artworks impact their everyday lives.

Programs for Students in Grades 1 - 5

Our 60-minute field trips for students in grades 1-5 utilize our exhibition “Brooklyn Navy Yard: Past, Present, & Future” as a starting point for object-based learning. Teachers can choose from two exciting curricula tracks to explore on their visit:

  • “Rethink & Reuse”: Helping students understand the importance of adaptive reuse, sustainability, and eco-friendly practices in architecture and product design, or
  • “People, Tools & Design”: Providing students with an opportunity to better understand the design process and the connections between human ingenuity, materials, and tools

FIELD TRIPS ARE FOR DOE PUBLIC SCHOOLS WHO QUALIFY FOR TITLE 1 FUNDING ONLY. Preference is given to schools in Brooklyn Navy Yard’s catchment zone: 11201, 11205, 11206, 11211, 11213, 11216, 11217, 11221, 11231, 11238, 11249. Field trips are provided for free; however, schools must arrange for buses as needed (bus parking is allowed on-site at no charge).

Fill out a tour request form here.

Programs for Middle School Students

The Brooklyn Navy Yard is developing a Middle School Program designed to connect students in grades 7, 8, and 9 with opportunities to meet makers, innovators, and entrepreneurs at the Yard. Students will get the opportunity to step inside a selection of studios and factories and learn about diverse career paths of tomorrow in fields such as design, technology, fabrication, and fashion.

If you are a middle school teacher interested in scheduling a visit, please email for more details.

Programs for High School Students

The Brooklyn Navy Yard is home to the Brooklyn STEAM Center High School, a NYC Public School with a mission to deliver innovative, industry-informed experiences that empower students to take charge of their futures, and creates a diverse, skilled talent pipeline for the technology and manufacturing industries. Learn more here.

Programs for College Students

The Brooklyn Navy Yard is a great site to inspire research and exploration for a variety of specialties and disciplines. If you are a professor interested in working with the Yard on a place-based academic research project, you can email for more information.

The Yard also offers a great paid summer internship program for college students. Learn more here.

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